Why to Play

Sports is all about participation more than winning. Yes, there is always a competitive edge to any sport but Disc Golf is first and foremost a sport of camaraderie and gamesmanship. There are plenty of reasons to play but here are some that we feel might edge you towards a nearby Disc Golf course.

  • If for nothing else, the fact that this sports helps you stay fit. Today being fit is considered a hallmark of happiness. With so much importance being given to fitness and health, Disc Golf provides a perfect opportunity to have fun and stay fit. It conditions the lower and upper body, promotes aerobic and even betters mental abilities without much physical injury risk.
  • It improves concentration because you tend to do a lot of calculations, second guessing and mastering technique.
  • It can be played by anyone. Age is no bar neither is disabilities or gender.
  • A single round takes no more than couple of hours at most so it can be played any day and not just on weekends. Besides, you don’t have to wait for tee times like with traditional golf.
  • It is easy getting hooked to the sport because of the simplicity and because you tend to play mostly out in the open.
  • One can play this sport in snow, rain and the summers
  • This is not an expensive sport. In as little as $15 you can have an entire day of Disc golfing.
  • Of course, let’s not forget just how much fun Disc Golf can be.

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