Rule Changes

The current rule book is a much larger version of what we illuminate here. This section deals only with the updated edition and the changes in it from the previous revisions back in 2011. Not to worry though, majority of changes are simply structural by nature although there are a few new concepts introduced and minor rule changes. Thankfully, no major changes to playing rules have been made.

The Restructure

In the new rulebook some rules are now restructured or in other words rearranged to make it easier for beginners to progress and find what they are searching for. Previously, rules were all compiled into a singular section, 803. Now they have been split into the Basic Rules for the benefit of new players and then The Lie and also The Throw – these are comprehensive and deal with specific scenarios. However, all rules are compiled in a chronological manner taking the play into context. One disadvantage though is that the rules are now renumbered to accommodate the restructuring.

New Additions

There is a brand new section called as Application of Rules. This deals only with various processes to use to enforce rules.

Lie vs Position: This is a slightly advanced concept and it deals with a disc’s position. In other words, the spot where it rests on a playing surface is now distinguished from the lie, which is relative to a position. Earlier the two terms referred to a singular meaning.

Likewise, there are new experimental rules as well as discretionary rules. The former are suggested variations not yet inducted into World Cup rules but advised to be tested on smaller events for the purpose of feedback. The later though are invoked by the TD and are not exempted by the PDGA.