Can You Play?

Because there is no age bar and the fact that it does not take long to get some grip on the sport makes this of particular interest to all age groups. Disc Golf is a sport that is suitable for kids just as much as it is for those aged and retired. In fact, it is even ideal for disabled and specially-abled participants – giving them a change to take part alongside regular aspirants since the requirements are limited to only having your name registered on the day’s tee card.

Moreover, this is a sport that promotes lifetime fitness. You walk a lot, you spend time out in the open under the blue sky and interact with plenty of folks. Staying fit becomes a lifestyle when you play Disc Golf rather than a requirement.

Since Disc Golf is easy to play and thus learn, no one really is excluded. A beginner simply has to match his or her pace to what they are capable of and move on from there. Today, the Professional Disc Golf Association boasts of 86,000 members worldwide and the PDGA is also the governing body for the Disc World Cup along with many other competitive tournaments.

You will find novice friendly events as well as global elitist events for top Disc Golf athletes. The sport has become popular enough that courses only for Disc Golf are now commonplace the world over.