Take a golf course with all the greens, sand traps and trees. Then subtract a golf ball but add back a flying disc or a Frisbee. What you get is Disc Golf! Yup, this sport is exactly like golf but so much easier to play and much more amateur friendly. No balls, no clubs but loads of fun.

The sport is internationally accepted and it was first formalized back in the 70s. Just like conventional golf, there are holes on each course that must be completed and the fewer strokes or throws in this case, a player records, the better his or her change of winning the hole. The objective of this sport is to simply throw from a starting point called the tee area, to an ending point called the hole. Unlike conventional golf, here hole can refer to numerous disc golf targets but the most common is a Pole Hole – a simple elevated metal basket in which one must land their Frisbee to complete the course.

So, a player moves down the fairway and all players take consecutive turns throwing their Frisbees only to restart from the spot where their previous throw landed. Isn’t it the same as golf? All obstacles on a course such as terrain changes, shrubs, trees come into play and you have to throw where your Frisbee lands even if it means throwing from the top of a tree branch. A player ends his or her course when their Frisbee lands in the designated basket.

The joys and frustrations in Disc golf are similar to that in traditional golf – hitting a tree down the fairway is just as irritating. Sinking in a long putt is just as rewarding. The minor differences however go beyond a Frisbee and ball. In Disc Golf one need not pay green fee since you don’t really rent a cart neither do you have to worry about tee time. Best of all, this sport is suitable for anyone, it is gender neutral and geriatric friendly.